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At Toundrigo, we make sure to offer great benefits to our employees. Recently, the benefits package was reviewed and a recurring survey was setup to allow everybody to express their opinion!

Essential advantages

Jean-Christophe and Charles, founders of Toundrigo, are particularly attentive to talents' well-being. So, it was improtant for them to rethink this benefit package at the end of 2022.

A collaborative work environment

An open space for easy collaboration and exchange


This is determined in agreement with the manager of each employee.


flexible approach


A minimum of 3 weeks of vacation

For all new employees joining Toundrigo


A godfather / godmother for all

To be accompanied in their first steps within Toundrigo

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Public transport nearby

With a bus and a bike station at 100m and the metro at 10 min walk from the premises.


A BIXI subscription (starting in 2023)

With a bus and a bike station at 100m and the metro at 10 min walk from the premises.


Advantageous group insurance

Set up for all employees

Special advantages

The Toundrigo touch is also about providing the day-to-day benefits that make life great here! A special mention to Melissa, our Office Life Coordinator, whose mission is to make your experience at Toundrigo a unique adventure!


Destination formations

Open internally to all employees without exception!


The famous Toundriversary

The anniversary of your arrival is offered as a vacation every year!

Crédit voyage.png

A travel

credit fund

To travel at preferential rates (travel is our passion!)


A free Miloguide subscription

To be accompanied in your first steps within Toundrigo


A great event every month!

This is an outing or happy hour organized by Toundrigo every month!


The one and only Toundribar

A bar in the office is available every day from 5pm!


Prospects for development

 The management team promotes internal mobility, which is important to us.


15% discount

at Arloca

Our partner curator of superb products 100% made in Quebec!

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