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A sustainable development policy

In 2019, the ToundrigoCare Committee was created to ensure the adoption of sustainable, effective, and compassionate practices within the group. We are driven by a need to act which motivated us to initiate the process of a Travelife certification, which encourages the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within the tourism industry.


Toundrigo has integrated sustainability principles into its operations and officially became a Travelife partner in 2024. What's next ? Travelife certification by 2025 !


Our vision of sustainable tourism

Toundrigo's commitment stems from deep reflection on the part of its management team and a sense of shared responsibility toward our planet. Discover our vision and values via our sustainable development policy.

A daily commitment

More than words, our commitments lead Toundrigo to implement concrete actions. All our employees work hand in hand to make Toundrigo a company which engages in responsible practices in our offices. Furthermore, our agency is also committed to participating in responsible tourism across North America.


A network of trust

ToundriGo operates within an ecosystem of sustainable organisations that are sustainable on a daily basis. Surrounding yourself with the right people means moving forward together and in a more efficient way for the Tourism of tomorrow: greener, more sustainable, and more responsible. Discover our network of partners.

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