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Our initiatives

More than just words, our commitments lead Toundrigo to implement real actions on a daily basis. It implies office life related initiatives as well as product-related measures. Let's build tomorrows' tourism!

Office initiatives

In our offices at 400 avenue Atlantic, over 100 employees work together.

For a more committed office life, the team set up tangible actions!


Creation of a ToundrigoCare 

Set up in 2019, then on pause during the pandemic, the Committee has been working since the start of 2023 to implement and improve our sustainability practices.




Training by the Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables (2019): drastic reduction in the use of plastic, choice of venue, food, quantities, etc.


Reducing paper printing

A ZERO PAPER policy has been introduced for all employees (printing limited , on both sides of the paper and using certified paper), since 2019.

Tri sélectif.png

Selective sorting

in the office

Waste is sorted via a three-way collection system: household waste, recyclables and organic matter.

Our employees approve and love it!




Breakfasts from small local traders, 100% fair-trade coffee - we select our suppliers with great care at all occasions.


A BIXI subscription for employees

Depuis 2023, Toundrigo offre à ses collaborateurs un abonnement vélo libre-service annuel (station de vélo à 100 mètres).

À vous de jouer.png

And much more

to do!

Our office life coordinator, Mélissa, is on the lookout for all the initiatives we can take in-house to help us live responsibly!

External initiatives

Toundrigo employees work hand in hand to make Toundrigo a committed player in responsible tourism in North America.

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Offsetting carbon emissions

Our partner Carbone Boréal supports our B2C brand in measuring and offsetting its carbon emissions.

Séjours engagés.png

Responsible travel creation

The group's brands have created differentiating and committed offers with more responsible itineraries 

Sélection de fournisseurs.png

Partnerships with local players

To promote the local economy and communities, Toundrigo encourages authentic players!

Communication engagée.png

Committed communication

Toundrigo creates committed B2C and B2B communication tools such as the Responsible Tourist Guide!

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