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About us

Mission and Values

A company's mission is the reason for its existence, and its values are its benchmarks and principles. The Toundrigo team shares this reflection with you. Happy reading!

Our mission

We imagine, produce, organize and market individual, group, adventure and event travel experiences on the American continent for travel professionals and the general public, with a constant concern for respecting our human and environmental resources.

American DMC

Specializing in Canada and the United States, our 5 "in-house" receptive brands offer customized incentive, adventure and à la carte tours for groups and individuals alike. With a presence in many markets, our specialists can meet the most demanding needs of our international clients.


Let your customers experience our hospitality with a unique, local and authentic accommodation offer. The "Toundrigo touch" becomes a promise of quality as soon as your guests arrive at our destination, and meets three major challenges: availability, quality of service and exclusivity.


"The real success of Toundrigo, beyond its development, beyond the figures and winning strategies, is above all the state of mind of the teams, a mixture of dynamism, initiative, optimism, a sense of service and solidarity, and a love of a job well done".

Charles Frobisher Toundrigo Co-founder

Our values

Pillars, guide, code of conduct, our values are important to our employees. Reinforced and validated by a recent internal survey (March 2023), they reflect our DNA on a daily basis.

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Respect and integrity
Positivity and transparency
Responsibility and quality
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