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Our sustainability policy

Toundrigo's commitment is based on deep reflection by its management team and a shared sense of responsibility. On this page, Toundrigo shares its commitment to sustainability.


Commitment to our territory

At Toundrigo, we are aware of our responsibility towards the territory in which we operate and the communities that welcome us. We pledge to be a positive and committed player, rooted in our territory, and to actively contribute to its development.

    By adopting this commitment, we aim to participate in the sustainable development of our region/country and create authentic and respectful tourism experiences, while preserving the integrity and beauty of our territory for future generations.

Promoting local heritage


 We are committed to promoting our local heritage. We will set up tourist experiences that respect the environment and local culture, working with our various service providers and suppliers to preserve and share these riches with our customers and travelers.

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Toundrigo is committed to ensuring the transparency of its projects, activities and results towards its various stakeholders, with the aim of establishing solid and lasting relationships. In order to maintain this transparency in our sustainability practices, our Sustainability Policy allows us to visualize where we are, and where we are going, all in line with our mission and values.

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Develop a continuous improvement approach

Like everyone else, we're not perfect. But we do our utmost to adopt the best possible practices. To this end, we are committed to continuous social and environmental improvement.

The aim of this approach is to regularly question our various practices, both internally and externally, and to think about how we can do better. To do this, we listen carefully to the expectations of our various stakeholders, and we value every voice: everyone has a say in making Toundrigo grow.

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