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10 reasons to work at ToundriGo !

Joining our teams means joining a merry melting pot of profiles and personalities. Each employee is unique and an essential link in our big travel family. When you join ToundriGo, you'll also enjoy a wide range of benefits, a hectic office life and the chance to have your say. We're committed to it!

So, welcome to the ToundriVerse?

1 – Our people travel!

At ToundriGo, creating tailor-made stays throughout North America is our business. And we do it with a lot of heart. We're proud of our expertise in Canada and the USA, acquired thanks to our employees' knowledge of the region. Throughout the year, our teams travel to Fam Tours organized by regional tourist agencies. Discoveries of unusual accommodations, visits to prestigious hotels, various activities (sailing, snowmobiling, dog sledding...), so many opportunities to experience and put themselves in the shoes of our future travelers.

Historically, Fam Tours have also been the starting point for beautiful friendships and the source of indelible memories within our teams. Indeed, capsizing in a kayak in the middle of a lake in front of your colleagues brings you closer together, doesn't it?

Travel is our common DNA at ToundriGo. Most of us can't stand still, and take advantage of our 3 weeks' paid annual leave to explore the continent. As an added bonus, employees can unlock a travel credit offered by the company from the 7th month of seniority. And yes, dollars to spend with our many (many) suppliers!

2 – ToundriGo... green: Bixi, recycling and more!

Being eco-responsible is a bit of a given, but greenwashing isn't for us. We love our planet and we do our best to protect it every day. Here, we sort, recycle, reuse and compost! ToundriGo has said goodbye to single-use plastic. Mugs, utensils, plates, salad bowls... our kitchen has been designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life, but above all to be adapted for our eco-responsible happy hours.

With the arrival of warmer weather, the company is offering employees a seasonal pass to take advantage of BIXI, the city of Montreal's self-service bicycles. ToundriGo's commitment to soft mobility goes even further.

This year, driven by a green vision of our receptive business, Jean-Christophe has rallied his teams around a sustainable tourism certification project. Our agency's goal is to be Travelife certified by 2024!

3 – 5 brands for 5 times more internal mobility!

Proudly grouped under a common banner, the group's travel brands nonetheless remain independent identities. From B2C to MICE, via FIT, internal mobility is a reality at ToundriGo, and employees' desires for evolution are always taken into consideration.

Spotting personalities, nurturing internships, nurturing talent and building expert teams are all HR initiatives that contribute to the company's success.

By 2022, one in four interns had been recruited by ToundriGo!

4 – Our premises are way too classy!

Located at 400 Atlantic in Montreal, our offices are transversal and we work in multi-brand collaboration. With 3 open-spaces, 5 meeting rooms and a fully-equipped kitchen, it's a great place to work.

The icing on the cake? ToundriGo is perched on the 8th floor and enjoys a 365-degree view of the city in all seasons. In winter, the sunsets are unbelievable, bringing a fitting end to our working days!

As part of Opération Patrimoine Montréal's Grands Prix, our offices even won a prize for bringing a historic industrial building back to life.

Our offices are just a stone's throw from Mile End, with its cosy cafés, and the Taverne Atlantic, one of the city's finest terraces. We're also close to Mount Royal, Montreal's green lung, and it's not unusual to see colleagues leaving the office in winter, skis on their shoulders!

5 - Company life like nowhere else!

Conviviality is a matter of course at ToundriGo. Put on hold by the Covid-19 pandemic, office life is back in full swing!

On Monday mornings, we recount our weekends over a hearty breakfast before chatting in the ToundriBar at the end of the day. Yes, we do have an office bar. Not bad, eh? Once a month, the festivities kick up a notch at our 5 à 7, culminating in the traditional Christmas Party in December. Halloween, Easter, St. Patrick's Day... any excuse is good enough to get together and share some great moments.

ToundriGo is also all about cohesion and team spirit, thanks to the sharing spirit of our staff. We're lucky enough to be able to take advantage of sports, yoga and meditation classes run by our colleagues at lunchtime. And we want more!

6 – Let's get training!

In-house training plays an important role for us. All our brands provide these sessions in line with their own recruitment, missions and specificities. New employees are always supported by their peers as they take their first steps, and then throughout their professional life at ToundriGo.

One person in 10 has been with us for over 10 years! We can always count on this core group of experts, who know all the tricks of the trade and are an invaluable resource for our new arrivals.

Finally, many of our training courses are cross-functional. First of all, the Fam Tour teams organize presentations to give feedback to all the brands. Similarly, it's not unusual for suppliers to visit us to discuss the services we offer. All brands are invited to take part. Finally, Bastien, training manager for Toundra Voyages, opens the doors of his Destination training courses to everyone! All employees curious to learn more about a particular city are free to attend Bastien's presentations. Trans-ver-sa-li-ty!

7 – Well-being at the office counts!

Striking a balance between work and private life is essential to feeling good. At ToundriGo, for example, managers offer all their teams flexible working hours and the possibility of teleworking.

The company's investment in ensuring well-being at the office involves a multitude of simple things: self-service coffee and tea are always available in the kitchen, regular follow-ups between employee and manager, an attentive HR team, hygienic protection and a first-aid kit, our events...

In short, we want you to feel at home with us.

8 – A stimulating work environment!

At the risk of repeating ourselves, cross-functionality is a cardinal value at ToundriGo. Sharing information, creating multi-brand itineraries, joint tours by our sales managers - we're used to working together!

What's more, the post-pandemic recovery has brought us to a turning point. Everything has to be rebuilt, rethought and improved... These are just some of the projects we can work on to make our contribution. Initiative, proactivity and the ability to make proposals are qualities that are highly appreciated in our employees.

Working at ToundriGo is far from monotonous; there's always a challenge to be met!

9 – Welcome to the realm of the unusual!

Our office is full of fun facts, and here's a selection...

The Parcours Canada team's mascot is a fighting fish named Jasper, in homage to Western Canada National Park, of course. He's lucky enough to work in a rather green environment, as our offices are home to no fewer than 25 green plants!

Jasper is also the name of one of our meeting rooms, all of which are named after Canada. Many of our staff attend these meetings in socks or slippers during the winter months. Professional yes, but relaxed!

10 – We're great fun to work with!

We've been told that ToundriGo is THE place to work. But you're entitled not to take our word for it.

Why not join us and see for yourself?

To see them, click here!

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