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2023-2024 : A memorable end-of-year party for Toundrigo

Every year, the Toundrigo group sets the bar a little higher to celebrate the end of the year and bring all its brands together for a joint event. The best part of this initiative? SURPRISE. Story of a yearly event for the Toundrigo tribe.

Photo d'équipe Toundrigo en soirée

Meticulous organization

Every year, the famous COP (those chosen to organise the party) show outstanding skills to meticulously organize this party, keeping the surprise of the destination until the last minute!

We all met up at the office at 8.30am on Thursday December 7, without even knowing what was in store for us. Equipped with a sporty outfit and a a trendy outfit in a suitcase, we boarded the bus for a 1.5-hour drive after a pleasant breakfast. Destination ? A beautiful region named "Cantons de l'Est" close to Montreal.

Départ en bus pour le party de Toundrigo 2023

Snow-covered landscapes in pastel hues, quizzes about Quebec, and sign-watching to guess your destination - the road passes quickly in good company!

A fun day with colleagues

First stop on the road... and surprise, surprise, the whole team is invited to don field hockey gear and learn how to skate!

Hockey entre collègues sur la glace

Mutual support, laughter, team spirit: this special moment is a testament to the good atmosphere among colleagues at Toundrigo. We simply love it.

Special mention must go to the coaching by Charles, our co-founder, whose broken leg didn't prevent him from going to the ice to encourage our colleagues, some of whom were taking their first steps on the ice!

Collaborateurs Toundrigo en tenue de joueurs de hockey

Watch the video of this moment by IDEOH on LinkedIn !

After all that excitement, the team enjoyed a convivial lunch in a pub with billiards, poutine and pizza!

Pause lunch au pub pour les équipes Toundrigo

Then the bus made a surprise stop at the Shefford Distillery before returning to the hotel... a joy for the taste buds, we tell you!

Arrêt à la Distillerie Shefford pour les équipes Toundrigo

A wild evening so "Toundrigo spirit" like

After another short bus ride, we arrived at Espace 4 Saisons near the beautiful town of Magog in the Eastern Townships. A superb wooden complex with a spa, indoor pool, conference room and very comfortable rooms.

Collaborateurs Toundrigo faisant la fêtes lors du party 2023

On site, the whole Toundrigo team enjoyed 2 hours of free time before meeting up for an aperitif and a memorable evening! With gifts, a unique DJ and a drag queen show, the COP was clearly betting on an original evening! And with good reason: the dress code clearly stated "Chic outfit with winter detail"!

We'll let you live the moment in pictures!

Photos diverses de collaborateurs Toundrigo lors du Party de Noël 2023

Des collaborateurs Toundrigo prenant la pose pour le party de Noël Toundrigo

Jean-Christophe célèbre la fin d'année à côté du DJ pour le party de Noël Toundrigo

Ouisnap du photobooth du Party de Noël 2023

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