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A country-style Halloween at Toundrigo's

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Our office had a full make over for our Halloween party. Surprises, costumes, treats...everything was put together for our fellow team members!

On Monday, thanks to the Potager Mont-Rouge located in Marché jean Talon, our office has been turned into a spooky pumpkin village. Who said Toundrigo could not host a party?! Our team played a halloween themed music and a bag of bulk sweets made by biscuiterie-confiserie Oscar was placed at each workstation ! What a way to party while being eco-friendly!

What a pleasure for the organizing team, who by the way, kept the event secret the whole time, to see their colleagues dressed up with creativity and enthusiasm.

Luc, from Parcours Canada, distinguished himself with his tribute costume of "E.T", from Stephen Spielberg. However, the greatest costume award goes to Julien, our IT director, who made his entrance in an XXL T-Rex costume!

While we are all waiting to do this again next year, members of the staff who like cooking were able to leave with enough to make a good pumpkin soup and our bales of straw made our neighbors happy, as they are regular members of the Outremont community garden. Before our pumpkin village collapses, Toundrigo’s greatest cook took some of our fellow’s pumpkin home to prepare the greatest ToundriSoup of all time. And as for the straw bales, no worries, we offered them to the Outremont community garden. As we say, be eco-friendly, be happy!

At Toundrigo, we do care for fantastic working atmosphere and a terrific team spirit!

Did it make you want to join us? That's good, we are looking for new talents! Check out our job offers !

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